The RE Fight goes on – The RE Review, Phase 2

RE is just one subject that is getting the Gove treatment, and by that I mean, he’s treating it like it’s worthless. But the RE community continues to  fight and the fight is gaining momentum and increasing support from different groups. Politicians, parents, teachers, students, both from within the RE Community and outside, are calling for Gove to rethink his plans for the British Education system. Whether he will listen remains to be seen. Either way, the RE community is standing united and continues with its work.

The RE Review is entering Phase 2 and this should last until July this year. There will be two task groups:

  • Group 1 will be looking at developing non-statutory guidance material on RE and its curriculum, focusing on aims, knowledge and understanding, skills and assessment.
  • Group 2 will be developing strategies designed to structure and sustain the future of RE. They aim to build influential links with stakeholders to promote RE in schools, as well as key external bodies including the DfE and exam boards.

The final product will be a document, similar to the new National Curriculum, but with a more positive focus and something that the RE community will continue to build on in years to come. What is clear is that very few people are happy with the treatment that Gove is giving, not just to RE, but to the Education System as a whole. But then, what would you expect from someone whose only experience of education is the one he himself received?!


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