All Done

For a while now, I’ve said about how I was going to develop a website. I gave myself until the end of February. Well, despite managing to meet deadlines for clients, meeting my own deadline didn’t really happen. I’m not sure why. Getting my business up and running was important because it is going to be the main way I earn money. So far I’ve been relying on supply teaching to get me through. And then I did a lot of supply in a short space of time.

Yep. That’ll do it. I had had enough. Enough of not working under my own steam. Enough of being around teenagers. Enough of being around teachers. It’s not that it was stressful. I wouldn’t let myself get stressed as I didn’t need to. I had no responsibility, if the students didn’t complete the work, nobody didn’t seem to worry and I felt that if the work set wasn’t good enough, then I shouldn’t worry as no one else seemed to. So I needed to pull my finger out and get my business off the ground. So I did. And you can find my new business, cateca here. You can also see some of things that I’ve been doing on there too. You will also see that I’ve got a blog on there, which will be where I comment on what I’m learning and the different experiences I have. This means that my time here on New Term is done. My transition from teacher to creative is complete.

Thanks for reading!


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