Why do we eat Pancakes?

After last week’s blog post on the Guardian, I seemed to have a heightened awareness to religion in the media. Plus with Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday) and Ash Wednesday hailing the beginning of Lent, there was a lot of discussion on Twitter about what everyone was giving up for Lent. Now 1) I am not religious and 2) I will never give up chocolate or alcohol – life is just too short! But it did make me think – do all these people know what Lent is really all about? Are they all practicing Christians?

Some of the comments about the funding of RE in schools were from atheists who didn’t want RE taught at all. Yet we cannot deny the history this country has with Christianity specifically but lots of different religions also. I was really pleased to stumble across an article on the BBC Magazine on ‘How much Christianity is hidden in British society?’ I think the article is really interesting. No matter what you think of religion, it is all around us, rightly or wrongly.

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