Who’s the Boss?

I’ve been getting a lot of supply work recently. This is great news for my bank account. It seems to pay pretty well and I’ve only worked a maximum of five days a month since I started doing it back in November. I don’t like to turn it down as I need the money. But…

I did turn down two requests for supply in the same day last week as I had a deadline for some written work that I needed to do. The way I looked at it was I was getting paid for the written work so I was still earning money.

The issue that I’m having at the moment is that I need to develop my own business. I’m hoping to offer to web/blog/social media support to individuals and small businesses. I’ve kind of started but nothing I’ve done so far is paid because I’ve not got anything showcasing what I can do. I’ve got a holding page for my website but I’ve not had the time to develop it further.

At the end of each week I organise the following week, scheduling the different hours I work and allowing myself time off. In this time, I schedule in at least a day of web design. As you can see from my website nothing has happened! This is because I either get called in for supply or procrastinate to the point of doing nothing!

However, I need to move on this because otherwise a year will go by and I will not have developed anything.  I am determined that the website will look different by the end of February. This is partly because I know the schools have half term coming up & I can schedule my week knowing it won’t change.

I always thought that working from home & being self-employed would be awesome. But it can be hugely distracting when you’re working to a deadline. For this reason, the house will be spotless, chores will be done & all TV watched by the time half term comes. I’ve even created some iTunes playlists to help with my concentration. I will create this site. It will go live by the end of February. This is my deadline!

My favourite Filofax design to date.
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