Changing Times

I love cars. Ever since I got my first car at the age 21, when I began my PGCE year. It was a Peaugot 106. A tiny little tin can that helped me move all my worldly possessions from my student digs to my first ever flat. I love driving fast despite being worried about my CO2 emissions and fuel costs. My current car, a VW Golf TDi is a lease car. I didn’t worry about while it was earning over £2k a month. But now I cannot afford it. Fortunately my OH drives a BMW 3 Series & works from home most of the time. So, in our self-induced age of austerity, Plob (my car) is going. I’ve called the finance company & someone will pick it up in a few weeks. End of lease. Part of me wishes I had enough money for a turqoise Mini Cooper SD so if anyone wants to help me out there…!

Are we really going to cope being a one car family? Probably not. And I’ve already stared looking for a Plob-replacement. Thanks to an inheritance & savings, I have some money set by for a small little run around. I don’t want to spend too much & have a very clear set of things I want (small, low car tax, cheap to run) and things I don’t want (anything fancy as fancy equals expensive!). I figure this way I’ve got time to get a good deal. We can survive for a while with just one car. But how will I feel without my independence? I have no idea. It doesn’t scare me or worry me. Not having to find the money to pay for a car which can sit outside without being used for two weeks worries me. A lot. So now I can breathe a little easier.

This isn’t the only change since giving up full time employment. The other is most notable (and most hilarious to my OH!) Getting up. It’s really difficult! I’ve been getting up about 6am for the best part of the last 9 years. Because I had to get into work to get on with my day. Now, if I don’t want to get up, I don’t have to. I don’t have to do supply. I can work on my laptop in bed if I must for the other bits and pieces but I can decide when I do them. My alarm goes off. I hit snooze. About three times! This is so not like me. I used to jump out of bed! I’m routinely getting 8 hours of sleep a night, usually more. I look & feel my age…not haggered and exhausted.

I no longer think laughter is the best medicine…reduced employment is!

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