My First Day of Supply

It finally happened. I did some supply teaching! My friend works at a local secondary school and asked if I wanted my details passed on to the person who organises cover. I said yes because, without using an agency, I get more money. Awesome!

My friend texted me over the weekend to say that I should expect a call during the week from the school. I was on tenterhooks! Tuesday morning – the call came. Could I go in the next day to do some supply? But of course!

To say I was nervous was an understatement. I woke throughout the night. Did I still have the touch? Could I still do it? The answer is: Yes!

I had a fab day. I did four lessons in textiles, an RE lesson (my specialism) and finally some product design. I was lucky to have some lovely groups and had the pleasure of spending break and lunch time chatting to my friend. It was the perfect introduction to supply teaching. I’m not so naive to think that all my supply days will happen like this, but it was the best introduction that I could possibly have.

It’s quite likely that they’ll use me again. This is fantastic news as supply work enables me to earn a bit more, but keep on doing the other bits and pieces at the same time.

During the day, I also received two emails, telling me about RE teaching jobs. I took one look at them and discounted them immediately. I like my life at the moment, there’s no stress or responsibility and that’s alright by me!

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