A Twitter Win

A few months ago, I went to the Pudding Club & wrote about it on my personal blog: A Crafty Chai. It’s a fab event to attend and you get a certificate and a pen to show that you’ve eaten seven puddings in one sitting. I follow these guys on Twitter and they tell you which pudding has been the favourite at their most recent gathering.

Now I love stationery. So when I received the free pen I was happy to find that it wrote really well. And I’ve pretty much been using it ever since. I was distraught when, the other day, it ran out of ink. Out of desperation, I tweeted about it on my personal twitter account. I was super impressed when the Pudding Club tweeted me back and asked if they could send me a new one! But of course they could! So after a few direct messages, I received an envelope, addressed to my twitter name (that’s a first!) & I opened it with relish.

Not only did I receive a replacement one, but a second really fancy pen, which is beautiful to write with. This is one of the reasons that businesses, and people in general, need to be careful with Twitter. It can be a powerful source for good, showing excellent customer service, like the Pudding Club here, but it is also a place where people, customers, talk openly. If they receive good or bad service, it’s instantly written about on Twitter. I like it when a company or business that I use is on Twitter because it means that I can give feedback about anything straight away. I know social media can be seen as a scary place if you’re not familiar with it, but the power of it as huge.

Plus it got me some free pens #ftw

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