The Joy (& rules) of Twitter

I’m an official Twitter addict. And I’m not ashamed to say it either. My current income comes from contacts I’ve made (or my OH has made) through Twitter. For example I’m working with a local PR company on a freelance basis, helping with social media & a client who needs advice from an education perspective. I’m also working with a local businesswoman who is in the process of setting up a new business and helping with Twitter and blogging advice.

The reason being that Twitter still has an unknown element to it. It’s not just about tweeting that you’ve been for a haircut. It is a micro blogging site, so you can tweet about your haircut, but it’d be a good idea to tweet about more things than that. You do need to be engaging, whether you’re tweeting for a business or just for you. If you don’t no one will follow you & that’s kind of the point. It’s not about selling stuff either, well, not all the time. People won’t follow you if all you do is tweet about your products. People like to see the personal side of business and discussion on things like what your favourite flavour of cupcake is actually interesting.

Twitter also has a practical side. You can receive traffic tweets & my local radio station @106jackfm does this really well. It’s vital if you’re trying to get somewhere on a busy Friday night. Twitter is essential during major events, whether it’s something like extreme weather, like snow and people use the #uksnow hashtag or the London riots and their cleanup.

The main reason for this post is simply because of this article on Twitter etiquette.  I was working on my PC, had Twitterific up and saw a tweet from @OxfordCityGuide about the article. I agree on some of the points, like not linking Facebook & Twitter, no text speak and don’t have your relationship dirty aired over your timeline. However, I like talking to celebrities like they’re my mates. I tweeted Andi Peters…and he tweeted back! Life long dream achieved! And I love a good smiley or a lol on a tweet. It means you can be sarcastic without offending and I think a smile goes a long way, even if it’s one of these 🙂

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