Educating Essex

I have been avoiding the new documentary series on Channel 4, Educating Essex. I couldn’t bare the annoying way that the teenagers would be speaking or the frustration on the teachers faces. But I couldn’t hold out & watched all three episodes today. I found it very interesting.

There are loads of lovely teenagers in the education system, who want to learn & get on and be successful. And there are loads that aren’t. They are annoying & frustrating but they’re usually the students that you feel satisfied with when/if they turn it around. I don’t miss being shouted out or spoken to like a second class citizen. But despite this, it wasn’t the students that made me want to leave. It was a number of things.

I think the series really highlights the challenges that most schools feel today. It is so difficult for schools to teach when students have so many distractions, such as mobiles but also there’s so little support in the system. Education psychologists, social services etc have all had their funding cut. Schools have had their budgets cut meaning they’ve had to cut back on the support that they can give to the students. It all means that all staff within schools will have to work even harder to maintain & improve standards and help students increase their life chances.

It is refreshing to see tweets like these from teachers & the public alike, for everyone to really see and understand what it is like to teach in Modern Britain: @Jonsieboy wrote “I hope viewers realise that all teachers deal with stuff like the Vinnie story. And it gets to us all.” @PivotalErica wrote “For any of you who doubt how difficult it is to be a #teacher just watch #educatingessexTeaching is tough, but worthwhile. And people need to respect that & support it as much as possible.

I just hope Mr Gove was watching.

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