Money Money Money

All you here about these days is the economic crisis. Greece not meeting deadlines; high unemployment; Tories blaming Labour (still); Labour saying what they’d do differently etc etc. Everyone is making cutbacks. So when you’ve handed in your notice in without a job to go to, cutbacks are going to have to be made.

This morning, while in the shower, I was listening to BBC Oxford & they had David Kuo from Motley Fool on talking about cutting credit card (from 2:10 minutes in), in response to the original draft of David Cameron’s speech. I’ve had credit card debt since I started working as a teacher. I was lucky (poor) enough not to have any debt from university because I didn’t have to pay fees & I worked from the age of 13 until 21 in a gift shop in my home town. My Granny set up blue & grey post office savings books for me & my siblings when we were small so I have always known that saving is essential. But I like pretty things & didn’t see why I should go short. There would always be another month’s pay to help sort it.

I agree with David in that debt is like a monkey on your back. It’s always there and I had to make a change. I had to clear my credit card. I didn’t know when I would be getting a regular salary in & cutbacks weren’t enough. I had some savings that I could use but I mainly paid it off by cutting back. I’ve made huge changes – shopped around for a cheaper haircut, joined Groupon etc & only buy essential things. Over on A Crafty Chai, I blogged about making my own salt scrub in a bid to save money. As a family, due to the drop of income, we’re having to cut & save where we can. Fewer meals out, reduce the film rentals from Apple TV & of course, ‘brand down’. It’s going to be a tough old time, but according to Big Dave, we must all do our bit. Practice what you preach Mr C!


2 thoughts on “Money Money Money

  1. Enjoyed reading your blog! I am VERY new to this but, like you, have just stopped teaching for a bit of a rest, only for me, this came after 28 years. Also, I came away with some voluntary redundancy payment so I have some breathing space before I start to panic about not having work. I also promised myself that I would start writing – hence wandering onto this site to keep a record of how it’s going. Slowly, since you ask! I am also very happily, finally credit-free and it’s true: credit card/store card debt is easy to get sucked into. A bit rich of ‘Dave’ to start telling us that it’s A Bad Thing now – when successive governments have been pushing us towards borrowing rather than saving for years, and would appear to have been doing it rather spectacularly themselves. Enjoy your break from teaching; like you, I have never felt less knackered!

    • cateca says:

      Why thank you! I’m glad you enjoy reading my little blog. I enjoy blogging a lot. ( I have another one called A Crafty Chai on Typepad so feel free to have a look on there too!) I don’t know where my journey will take me but I’m enjoying the ride so far. And the rest!

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