Autumn Tinted Glasses

It’s funny but recently I’ve been thinking about teaching. I am a great teacher. I’m not just being big-headed! OFSTED judged me ‘outstanding’ in a recent inspection back in May. I was amazed, especially as I’d handed in my notice by this point, knowing that I didn’t have another teaching job to go to. I haven’t regretted this decision one little bit. Well, I miss the money obviously! But I knew what I was doing. I am very much out of my comfort zone at the moment and teaching is what I know.

I do love teaching. Being in the classroom is great & there’s nothing else quite like it. If that’s all teaching was, I think I’d probably still be doing it. But it isn’t. It’s so much more than that. Difficult students that can wear you down; difficult parents that can wear you down! Policy after policy after policy…then there’s the staff! I know it’s not saving lives or going to war but it’s a tough & often unrewarding job. After nine years I need a break. I need to keep reminding myself of the permanent exhaustion I felt, looking haggard & the constant anxiety that I wasn’t doing enough. The fact that I now look rested, despite poor (!), is a good reminder that teaching isn’t what I see when looking through my autumn tinted glasses!

Courtesy of Pink Sherbet Photography

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